Current R-I Lab members

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Dan Gates

Dan is a postdoctoral scholar who studies adaptive introgression and local adaptation in maize landraces as part of the HiLo project.

Sarah Hissong

Sarah is a NSF PGRP postdoctoral fellow and the Linnean Fellow of Oleraceous Genetics. She works on population and quantitative genetics of the crop species Brassica oleracea.

Asher Hudson

Asher is a graduate student in Population Biology working on genotype by envrionment interaction in maize as part of the maize diversity project.

Nathaniel Langlois-Ackerson

Nate is a plant sciences major working on thermogenesis and germination in highland maize.

Sarah Odell

Sarah is a plant biology graduate student coadvised by Dan Runcie, working on evolutionary and statistical genetics in maize.

Alyssa Phillips

Alyssa is a Plant Biology graduate student working on environmental adaptation in big blue stem as part of the PanAnd project.

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra

Jeff is a Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences and a faculty member of the Center for Population Biology and the Genome Center.

Catherine Rushworth

Cathy is a postdoctoral scholar working on the genomics and quantitative genetics of recombination rate variation in maize and teosinte as part of the maize diversity project.

Michelle Stitzer

Michelle is a graduate student in Population Biology, working on the population genetics of transposable elements in maize and Arabidopsis as part of the maize diversity project.

Dianne Velasco

Dianne is a graduate student in Integrated Genetics and Genomics. She studies domestication and evolution of peaches, almonds, and their relatives in the genus Prunus.

Li Wang

Li is a research scientist working inbreeding depression and load in maize and teosinte synthetic populations. She’s also crazy about ferns.

Lab Alumni

Visiting Scholar: for >100 hours of scholastic visitation

Fellow of the R-I Lab: for >500 hours of scholastic fellowship

Current Collaborators

Dynamics of quantitative trait evolution and linked selection * Ryan Hernandez * Kevin Thornton

Biology of rare alleles in maize and teosinte

Evolutionary genetics of highland adaptation in maize