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  • Parallel altitudinal clines reveal adaptive evolution of genome size in Zea mays [preprint]
    Bilinski P, Albert P, Berg JJ, Birchler JA, Grote M, Lorant A, Quezada J, Swarts K, Yang J, Ross-Ibarra J

  • A novel maize kinesin causes neocentromere activity and meiotic drive, altering inheritance patterns across the genome [YouTube]
    Dawe RK, Lowry EG, Gent JI, Stitzer MC, Higgins DM, Ross-Ibarra J, Wallace J, Kanizay LB … [7 authors]

  • The interplay of demography and selection during maize domestication and diffusion [preprint]
    Wang L, Beissinger TM, Lorant A, Ross-Ibarra C, Ross-Ibarra J, Hufford MB.

  • The potential role of genetic assimilation during maize domestication [preprint]
    Lorant A, Pedersen, S, Holst I, Hufford MB, Winter K, Piperno D, Ross-Ibarra J

  • Incomplete dominance of deleterious alleles contribute substantially to trait variation and heterosis in maize [preprint]
    Yang J, Mezmouk S, Baumgarten A, Buckler ES, Guill KE, McMullen MD, Mumm RH, Ross-Ibarra J

  • Construction of the third generation Zea mays haplotype map [preprint]
    Bukowski R …[16 authors]… Ross-Ibarra J, Buffalo V, Buckler ES, Xu Y, Lai J, Ware D, Sun Q

  • Evolutionary responses to conditionality in species interactions across environmental gradients [preprint]
    O’Brien AM, Sawers RJH, Ross-Ibarra J, Strauss SY